Eight Reasons To Love WordPress Development

It is very easy to use; you don’t need an experienced WordPress developer to build your WordPress site. Once you login, it is remarkable how the dashboard and other tools designed and architected. Whether you are creating a dedicate page, writing a blog, or adding a new user to your website, it is not just easy but super easy.

Look and Feel / Themes

You change the entire site look and feel by switching back and forth different themes.This used be several weeks of work those know CSS and web development to change a website into different look, now you can in few clicks, just use any of several themes that comes with WordPress or download a free one off the web � you can even buy a better design. All is easy.


The first page you see once you login to WordPress is the Dashboard. It displays several stuff like, how many posts i.e blogs, pages , how many different categories and tags. Spams caught so far, total and approved comments. Even better it allows you to add a quick post from dashboard itself; saving so many clicks. On the left sidebar, you can perform several actions, such as managing posts, users and pages. You can also navigate to manage the plug-ins, change the site settings, or even click to change the site look in few seconds.


WordPress saves thousands of dollars from building such a tool; however, it is an open source software which means FREE.Thousands of WordPress developers across the globe are contributing to build excellent themes that makes your site look great and useful add-ons that makes your site more powerful.


WordPress allows you to have multiple users, you and add /edit / delete users or users can register and you as admin can moderate them. WordPress allows you to set different levels in the user settings for example, an user can just be a reader, author but cannot delete or manage other posts.

SPAM Protections

WordPress comes with Akismet which is one of the powerful SPAM harvester engine. It catches all the SPAM spiders that are trying to dump your comment section with all the nonsensical information.

WordPress Development

WordPress website Development is fun job, you can develop a small site to a humongous portal that gets thousand of hits. There are literally 100s of WordPress development companies out there who can help you get the site up and running in no time. WordPress is also a better platform to migrate your existing website or migrate the content from your legacy CMS.

Website Promotion / SEO

WordPress is user-friendly for sure, even better it is also search engine friendly.Yes, it allows you to set SEO friendly URLs, tags, meta information and so on which eventually helps your site rank high. There are several good add-ons to optimize your website for search engines, one such plug-in is All In One SEO. Plug-Ins like this prevents a page getting cached multiple times with different URLs in Google.